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NE Motors has had a Sun Roadamatic Ram 12 Chassis Dynometer or ‘Rolling Road’ since 1993, during which time a great deal of expertise has been developed in the use of this specialised equipment. Essentially giving the operator the ability to, as near as possible, replicate the loads and demands a vehicle experiences on the road, but with the advantage of it being stationary, enabling tuning and emissions to be monitored and therefore modified to the optimum. We have the equipment and expertise to achieve this, along with the ability to record the results, measured in brake horse power (BHP) and lbs ft of torque by the rolling road.
Although only a two wheel drive rolling road we can measure and accommodate cars with up to 240BHP at the wheels, representing about 300BHP at the flywheel. Some 4x4’s can be tested i.e. if they are switchable between 2 and 4 wheel drive or as with many Landrovers the front propshaft can be removed and the differential lock employed to transfer all the drive to the rear wheels, we have found this particularly useful with Trialers or Off-Roaders.
For a straight forward power run with printout for around £60+VAT (more often than not two, three or four ‘run-ups’ are required to obtain stable results but this would still be charged as a £60+VAT session) we would give an indication of any shortcomings in mixture etc. More involved and advanced sessions involving re-jetting and timing adjustments are more difficult to predict a cost but generally range from £120 to £160+VAT plus parts. In fairness to our customers we try our best to keep them informed of likely costs and requirements to achieve the best outcome we can for which the vehicle is to be used, i.e. normal road use, racing, hill climbing, off-roading etc. We believe it important to work together with customers and sometimes alongside other areas of expertise, in order to achieve desired results.